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Healthcare Business Intelligence

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Healthcare Business Intelligence

4 Healthcare BI Trends for 2015
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Aug 13, 2021

The healthcare industry is rapidly embracing business intelligence (BI) and data analytics to improve patient care and..

Healthcare Business Intelligence

What is Health Information Exchange?
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Feb 21, 2020

Electronic health information exchange (HIE) is a digital network allowing the exchange of health information between..

Business Intelligence for Healthcare, Healthcare Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Healthcare Initiatives
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Jan 15, 2020

The term “business intelligence” refers to the tools and applications used to access and analyze your organization’s..

Business Intelligence for Healthcare, Healthcare Business Intelligence

17 Steps for a Successful Healthcare Analytics and BI Program
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on May 13, 2016

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the healthcare analytics market is expected to reach $18.7 billion by 2020...

Healthcare Business Intelligence

How Business Intelligence Supports Better Healthcare Decisions
By: Ron Stephenson on Apr 27, 2016

Like most other industries, healthcare lingo typically includes a lot of buzzwords. Terms such as “interoperability”..

Healthcare Business Intelligence, Healthcare Data Governance

5 Roadblocks to Successful Healthcare Data Governance
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Feb 16, 2016

Data governance has traditionally been a fundamental requirement in healthcare. Today’s healthcare organizations..

Healthcare Business Intelligence, Healthcare Data Governance

What Is Healthcare Data Governance?
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Feb 8, 2016

While data has historically been viewed across the business landscape as a valuable organizational asset, in the..

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Elements of a Robust Healthcare Business Intelligence Roadmap
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Dec 16, 2015

At Syntrix Consulting Group, we engineer healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) so our clients can leverage their EMR..

Healthcare KPIs, Healthcare Business Intelligence, Healthcare Dashboards, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Performance Metrics

5 Tips for Making Healthcare KPIs more Actionable
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Oct 25, 2013

Whether healthcare KPIs for your organization include average length of stay, patient satisfaction numbers, number of..

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