COVID-19: Ensuring Continued AnalyticsSupport

Dear Valued Clients

We know you are on the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus.
As public health agencies, hospitals, and physician practice groups,
you are mobilized to care for patients and circumvent a wider spread
of COVID-19. We applaud and are grateful for your dedication.

We are committed to supporting care providers the best we can. Early
on, we shifted our workforce to a 100% remote work mode in keeping
with Public Health guidelines. Remote work was already part of our
operations and we could make this shift without disruption and
remain focused on your priorities. We want to do our best to minimize
disruption to your business intelligence operations too.

Processing data accurately and disseminating insight timely is a facet
of the fight against the coronavirus which overlaps with our domain
of expertise. Therefore, we stand ready to:

  • Assist with COVID-19-related report requests
  • Augment analytics teams to ensure continued support for other
    clinical and administrative needs
  • Address reporting training needs as you reorganize staff during
    this crisis

    Our unwavering commitment is to provide you, our clients and
    colleagues, with the most responsive service throughout this
    unprecedented crisis.
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