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We are a group of BI Professionals in the healthcare industry seeking to improve patient care one report at a time.

We offer a full spectrum of solutions from AI services and Epic reporting to data strategy and Power BI training.

We accelerate the move from data to results by applying our combined expertise in healthcare and business intelligence.

We focus on helping you solve healthcare analytics at scale by prioritizing data reusability, governed self-service BI, and data discoverability

Data Reusability eBooks
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Data Reusability with Power BI

Take a deep dive into the essential strategies for maximizing data reuse within Power BI, empowering you to harness the full potential of your self-service business intelligence initiatives.

Download all 3 eBooks in this series for FREE at our resources page.

Syntrix Solutions

Our secret sauce

Our prebuilt solutions are based on collective decades of Epic and Power BI expertise.

Our agile approach provides incremental value quickly.

Our proprietary Eureka platform streamlines time-to-value across all our services.

Our Solutions


Epic Reporting

Epic Reporting

Deliver your data analytics and reporting solutions faster with our Epic-certified professionals.

Data Strategy-1

Data Strategy

Leverage our expertise with modern BI technologies to align strategy with results.

BI Training-1

BI Training

We integrate a learning experience with your report library so that everyone can make the most of your analytic content.

AI Services-1

AI Services

Optimize your revenue cycle and clinical operations with innovative AI-enabled solutions.

Power BI Adoption

Power BI Adoption

Empower your knowledge workers with self-paced on-demand training or enroll in one of our reporting bootcamps.

BI catalog

BI Catalog

Do you use more than one BI tool? Keep things simple for your users with our BI catalog Eureka: a single point of access to all your reports.

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Discover new ways to enhance and optimize your data analytics function using the most advanced tools and industry knowledge available today.