Syntrix Solutions

We focus on helping you solve healthcare analytics at scale by prioritizing data reusability, governed self-service BI, and data discoverability.

Epic Reporting

Deliver your data analytics and reporting solutions faster with our Epic-certified professionals. We provide staff augmentation, fractional teams, or managed services to accelerate your reporting team’s success.

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Data Strategy

The right BI strategy will free up actionable insight enterprise-wide. The wrong approach can cripple your organization with increasing backlogs of report requests. Leverage our expertise with modern BI technologies to align strategy with results. From Data Governance to Data Architecture we can help formulate an optimal BI roadmap for your organization.

AI Services

Optimize your revenue cycle and clinical operations with innovative AI-enabled solutions. Use analytics to improve operational and clinical outcomes. Turn data into a real asset and make it work for you.

AI Solutions
BI Catalog

BI Catalog

Do you use more than one BI tool? Keep things simple for your users with our BI catalog Eureka: a single point of access to all your reports. Let users browse through all available reports even if they don’t yet have access to them. Search reports across multiple platforms with one click. Monitor usage and govern analytics centrally. Augment and maintain BI documentation in one place.

Power BI Adoption

Modern BI tools and practices and evolving rapidly. Empower your knowledge workers with self-paced on-demand training or enroll in one of our reporting bootcamps.

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BI Training

What’s the point in building beautiful dashboards no one knows how to use? Power BI comes with lots of bells and whistles that may overwhelm report consumers. We believe each report and dashboard should be self-evident and contain the built-in features to guide information consumers. We integrate a learning experience with your report library so that everyone can make the most of your analytic content. Developers too can learn from our workshops and quickly expand their analytics skillset. Let us accelerate your organization BI maturity one report at a time. 

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Discover new ways to enhance and optimize your data analytics function using the most advanced tools and industry knowledge available today.