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7 Ways to Eliminate Your Epic Reporting Backlog

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7 Ways to Eliminate Your Epic Reporting Backlog

Shortly after an Epic system implementation, your healthcare facility may experience significant challenges in managing healthcare data analytics and reporting. This invariably leads to a reporting backlog that is often the result of:

  • Not being prepared to handle the significant demand for reports
  • End users being unfamiliar with their new workflows
  • End users requiring time and training to refine the types of reports they need
  • An unexpected reporting resource shortage

Despite the best efforts of your leaders and teams, as long as your healthcare facility struggles with an ever-growing reporting backlog, you will be unable to fully leverage Epic’s potential, and will face significant limitations to utilizing EHR data.

Fortunately, you can learn the fundamental keys to identifying, addressing and resolving this common yet costly scenario by downloading our FREE ebook “7 Ways to Eliminate Your Epic Reporting Backlog”

In this fast-moving ebook, you will discover the 7 key ways to eliminate a reporting backlog and prevent it from emerging down the road, including:

  • Using Custom Dashboards
  • Implementing a BI Solution or Data Warehouse
  • Creating a User-Centric model
  • Delivering Team Training
  • Using a Testing Database
  • Improving System Design & Architecture
  • Choosing a Epic Certified Partner

The ebook is crafted by certified Epic consultants who have years of hands-on experience supporting healthcare facilities at every stage of Epic deployment, from pre-go-live to several years after go-live.

Instantly download your free ebook by filling in the brief form to the right. Get the expert-led perspectives, insights and advice you need to address your immediate challenges, while building a solid foundation for future reporting, analytics and data governance success!

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