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Healthcare Data Analytics: For Healthcare Solutions

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of data analytics in healthcare. In this post, we’ll discuss the definition of healthcare data analytics, why it’s so important for healthcare organizations, and how it can ultimately contribute to better healthcare services for both the individual patient and entire populations.

What is Healthcare Data Analytics?

Healthcare data analytics analyzes ongoing and past data and uses it to predict trends in healthcare, uncover insights care providers can act upon, and promote the long-term growth of the healthcare system. With data analytics, healthcare industry organizations find it easier to work towards improving their operations, including more effective disease surveillance, preventive care, better diagnostic and clinical methods, and more personalized healthcare.

Syntrix offers innovative healthcare data reporting and business analytics solutions for the healthcare industry. We make it easy to get results from data, rather than getting bogged down by the technical aspects of data analytics. Our technical expertise is matched by a deep understanding of issues and trends in the healthcare industry.

Our Solutions for Healthcare Data Analytics

We offer comprehensive reports, dashboards, and data that your organization can use to improve patient care, financial decision-making, quality reporting, operations management, and regulatory compliance. At Syntrix, our goal is to make your data talk.

Business Intelligence Portal

If you’re using more than one reporting or business intelligence (BI) system, we can streamline your user experience with a single BI portal that centralizes all your reports and dashboards. This makes it easier for users to search for analytics content across your full inventory and for BI managers to track their team’s workload and productivity.

Emergency Department

With this tool, you can analyze emergency department service utilization by demographic factors, financial class, diagnosis, provider, day of the week, and acuity. With these data analytics, healthcare managers and directors can see the busiest times for the emergency department, the most common conditions treated, and which groups of patients experience the highest cost.

Our additional Emergency Department Cycle Time Analysis application lets you view data on emergency department visits at a glance, showing patients seen versus those who left without being seen. This tool helps you see trends in visit volumes and examine potential root causes of overcrowding.

Outpatient Clinics

Our application for outpatient clinics helps assess operational efficiency, patient experience, and provider productivity. It can also help you optimize scheduling and reduce wait times.


This application examines trends and drivers of hospital revenue, including inpatient and outpatient revenue profiles and revenue and AR balance by service and financial class. You can create MTD and YTD reports and find opportunities to further increase revenue.

A La Carte Services

These programs are designed to deliver maximum value in the shortest amount of time. Our a la carte services include custom reports programming, ICD10 readiness solutions, business intelligence solutions, research study support, healthcare data submissions, and healthcare supply chain analytics.

Choosing a Data Analytics and Healthcare Solution

Choosing the optimal solution for healthcare and data analytics is crucial for a healthcare organization to utilize patient and consumer data effectively. At Syntrix, we offer customizable solutions to meet all your healthcare data analytics needs. Our templates allow the user to focus on the information that really matters, making it easy to devise an action plan.


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