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EMR Reporting & Data Analysis Keep performance on target


Robust EMR reporting and healthcare data analysis enables healthcare organizations to support several key clinical and business activities, such as:
  • Charge reconciliation
  • Tracking AR aging by financial class
  • Analyzing charge posting lag times and claim payment lag times
  • Assessing patient flow
  • Checking for compliance on specific clinical procedures
  • Reporting on LDA days (Lines, Drains, and Airways)
  • Monitoring open vs. closed charts to ensure billing is not unnecessarily held off

Key Challenges

However, many organizations that implement an EMR system face several report-related challenges, including:

  • Spending a great deal of time modifying “standard” reports, only to discover that they need custom solutions.
  • Not being adequately prepared to handle the significant demand for reports, which leads to huge backlogs.
  • Being obligated to spend money and time to retool reports because previous requests were not adequately formulated.

The Syntrix Solution

At Syntrix Consulting Group, we have the experience and knowledge to help our customers optimize the powerful reporting features and capabilities of their EMR system. Here are some of the areas we impact:


  • Quality

    The essential question asked of any report: “Is this credible information?” We help our customers consistently access quality-assured reports that are accurate, reliable, complete and actionable.
  • ACO Analytics

    To be successful, ACOs must effectively and efficiently manage their expenses – especially inpatient and outpatient costs. We empower our customers with reports that allow them to: leverage ACO analytics that deliver rapid time-to-value, define/refine populations, prioritize improvement efforts, empower clinicians, and adapt to changing organizational needs.
  • Revenue Cycle Reports

    A solid, reliable foundation on which to build revenue cycle processes is essential for long-term success. We empower our customers to access the reports they need to achieve optimum functioning of their revenue processes.
  • Patient Satisfaction Reports

    Patient satisfaction is one of the core principles of Meaningful Use – yet historically it has been one of the most challenging to efficiently measure and monitor. We enable our customers to create reports and glean data that captures an array of patient satisfaction information, which they can use to refine processes, implement policies, improve practices, and support staff training/re-training.
  • Population Health Management

    Population Health Management aggregates patient data across multiple health IT resources. With out healthcare data management, we empower our customers to report on and analyze this valuable data through a single patient record, which they can use to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Additional Advantages

At Syntrix Consulting Group, we do not assume that SAP Crystal Reports is the right tool for every customer, which is why we offer a choice of reporting tools that are “developer-friendly.” Our approach is also characterized by a commitment to:

  • Shorten the development cycle time as much as possible.
  • Adhere to a systematic number scheme and naming convention for all reporting content.
  • Develop comprehensive documentation for each report, which is vital for efficient troubleshooting down the road.
  • Leverage SQL stored procedures for performance and accuracy.
  • Use integrated requests management system in which all report requests are tracked.

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