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Healthcare Reporting Training Coaching and mentoring for Report Writers

When healthcare organizations make significant investments in EMR systems, they expect to take advantage of various features, and ultimately improve patient care, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiency.

Key Challenges

However, in many organizations across the country – from smaller medical practices to large hospital networks – inadequate Healthcare Reporting Training is proving to be a major obstacle. There are various reasons for this, including that the training is:

  • Short and superficial

  • Overwhelming and confusing

  • Not customized to meet individual learning needs

The Syntrix Solution

At Syntrix Consulting Group, we develop and deliver Healthcare Reporting Training that equips Report Developers with the essential skills they need to effectively report on all clinical, financial, and operational activities in the organization.


Our training curriculum is customized to fit specific learning needs and goals, and typically covers:

  • Critical EMR Reporting Concepts (IP/OP Quality, Revenue Cycle, etc.)

  • SQL Skills

  • Data Analysis Techniques

  • Dashboard Design Best Practices

Multiple Delivery Models

We also offer on-site training and online virtual classes (or a combination of both), so that Report Developers can make the best use of their time, while organizations can access the world class Healthcare Reporting Training they need in a way that fits their budget.

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