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Corine Chartouni

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What is data reusability in healthcare?
By: Corine Chartouni on Feb 23, 2023

Data is a critical component of modern healthcare. It mainly drives research, informs decision-making, and helps..

4 Tips For Impactful Data Storytelling
By: Corine Chartouni on Feb 2, 2023

Data storytelling combines both data and story when creating any visualizations to help users communicate their ideas..

Why should you adopt self-service BI to promote data sharing?
By: Corine Chartouni on Jan 17, 2023

Today more than ever, data has become a valuable asset to a company as it leads to better decision making, higher..

Liberating Data To Improve Healthcare Decision-making
By: Corine Chartouni on Dec 22, 2022

4 Steps To Improve Healthcare Decision-making

The Difference Between Traditional BI Delivery & Managed Self-Service BI
By: Corine Chartouni on Dec 8, 2022

The key for faster insights is the ability of business users to access information anytime and anywhere. That is why it..

The 5 Levels of Self-Service BI
By: Corine Chartouni on Nov 24, 2022

How can data liberation encourage a self-service environment? 

How To Build A Personalized Color Palette For Your Reports  
By: Corine Chartouni on Jun 9, 2022

Adding a custom branding to your reports allows you to ensure alignment with your organization’s own branding. If you..

Business Intelligence for Healthcare

3 Critical Challenges of Modern BI
By: Corine Chartouni on Jul 30, 2021


6 Ways Analytics Teams Are Helping During the Covid-19 Crisis
By: Corine Chartouni on Jun 25, 2021

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic affected people’s lives and changed how businesses operate. But it has..

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