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Corine Chartouni

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How AI is Revolutionizing Patient Care
By: Corine Chartouni on Sep 18, 2023

Today's healthcare systems are overwhelmed with significant amounts of patient data daily. Medical records, lab..

Data Reuse Pitfalls: Shared Dataset Access
By: Corine Chartouni on Sep 6, 2023

Power BI has emerged as an incredible tool that empowers organizations to turn data into actionable insights, but it..

How Data Analytics Can Revolutionize Population Health
By: Corine Chartouni on Jul 20, 2023

In today's era of abundant data, the field of data analytics holds immense promise for improving population health..

Data Lakehouse, Data Warehouse, and Data Mart: What's the Difference?
By: Corine Chartouni on Jul 14, 2023

In Microsoft Fabric, the Lakehouse, Data Warehouse, and Power BI Datamart are similar objects that offer data storage,..

The Top 5 Reasons for Making BI Content Discoverable.
By: Corine Chartouni on Jun 15, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving and data-powered world, organizations have come to depend on Business Intelligence (BI) as..

Why Should You Consider Using Power BI APIs for Your Organization?
By: Corine Chartouni on Jun 2, 2023

Delivering the best possible patient care, increasing operational effectiveness, and guiding strategic planning all..

Introducing Microsoft Fabric
By: Corine Chartouni on May 26, 2023

By now, you must have come across Microsoft Fabric, an incredible next-generation analytics platform developed by..

10 Best Practices in Healthcare Dashboard Design
By: Corine Chartouni on May 10, 2023

In today's data-driven healthcare industry, the ability to transform complex data into actionable insights is crucial...

Integrating Healthcare Data Quality & Governance for Better Results
By: Corine Chartouni on Apr 28, 2023

Healthcare organizations are continuously collecting and storing data to make better decisions about patient care,..

How can Power BI contribute to your data governance efforts? (Part 2)
By: Corine Chartouni on Apr 12, 2023

In Part 1, we have covered how Power BI's capabilities can help achieve critical data governance goals, especially in..

How can Power BI Contribute to Your Data Governance Efforts? (Part 1)
By: Corine Chartouni on Apr 6, 2023

In our last blog, we covered the basics of data governance and its goals. We have mentioned that data is crucial for..

What you need to know about healthcare data governance
By: Corine Chartouni on Mar 30, 2023
Data has emerged as one of the most valuable assets for organizations. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses..
What is data reusability in healthcare?
By: Corine Chartouni on Feb 23, 2023

Data is a critical component of modern healthcare. It mainly drives research, informs decision-making, and helps..

4 Tips For Impactful Data Storytelling
By: Corine Chartouni on Feb 2, 2023

Data storytelling combines both data and story when creating any visualizations to help users communicate their ideas..

Why should you adopt self-service BI to promote data sharing?
By: Corine Chartouni on Jan 17, 2023

Today more than ever, data has become a valuable asset to a company as it leads to better decision making, higher..

Liberating Data To Improve Healthcare Decision-making
By: Corine Chartouni on Dec 22, 2022

4 Steps To Improve Healthcare Decision-making

The Difference Between Traditional BI Delivery & Managed Self-Service BI
By: Corine Chartouni on Dec 8, 2022

The key for faster insights is the ability of business users to access information anytime and anywhere. That is why it..

The 5 Levels of Self-Service BI
By: Corine Chartouni on Nov 24, 2022

How can data liberation encourage a self-service environment? 

How To Build A Personalized Color Palette For Your Reports  
By: Corine Chartouni on Jun 9, 2022

Adding a custom branding to your reports allows you to ensure alignment with your organization’s own branding. If you..

Business Intelligence for Healthcare

3 Critical Challenges of Modern BI
By: Corine Chartouni on Jul 30, 2021
6 Ways Analytics Teams Are Helping During the Covid-19 Crisis
By: Corine Chartouni on Jun 25, 2021

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic affected people’s lives and changed how businesses operate. But it has..

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