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Power BI

3 Tips for Branding Your Power BI Reports

Branding Power BI Reports is very helpful to both your consumers and fellow authors. Here are 3 tips to help you brand your reports successfully.

4 Healthcare BI Trends for 2015

Here's 4 healthcare BI trends for 2015 to help provide better care for your patients and better resource management for the entire organization.

What Is a Healthcare Data Analyst?

Hospitals and healthcare practitioners are collecting more data than ever, but without someone to accurately interpret it, this data ends up being...

7 New Year's Resolutions for Reporting Teams

Better BI and reporting practices in healthcare will inspire you and your reporting team to make an even greater impact on your organization this year

What is Data Quality in Healthcare?

Data quality in healthcare is vital to administrative, patient care, & records management processes, enhancing patient outcomes, & minimizing...

Understanding Big Data in Healthcare

Big Data in Healthcare is proving that it's an essential asset in understanding the healthcare industry in the eyes of analytics and marketing...

Understanding the Types of EMR Reporting

Understanding the different types of EMR Reporting is needed to be successful in today's industry. This helpful guide will give you a basic...

Different Types of Healthcare Data

Understanding the different types of Healthcare Data is needed to be successful in today's industry. This helpful guide will give you a basic...

A Introduction to EHR Systems

This blog post will entail an Introduction to EHR Systems and their capabilities. Learn more today and find out how Syntrix consulting group can help.

Epic Reporting

Why Develop a Self-Service BI Strategy?

Certain institutions utilize Epic Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence systems to provide the analytics needed for decisions concerning...

What is Health Information Exchange?

Electronic health information exchange (HIE) is a virtual network that allows health data to be shared between the health systems and their medical...

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