Jean-Luc Coquerel

Stories by Jean-Luc

The Internet of Things in Healthcare

Learn all about the internet of things in healthcare and how it could help your facility improve in many different areas including patient care and...

Cybercrime in Healthcare: Statistics

The healthcare industry is a major target for cybercrime. Learn all about it through the statistics and see how you make sure your facility is...

EMR/EHR Reporting

How to Avoid Burnout for Your EHR Training Team

When implementing an EHR system, you must have a training team but how do you give them the help they need? Learn what you can do to help your team.

Big Trends in Healthcare Analytics

From dashboards to predictive analytics, learn about the big trends in healthcare analytics and how you can incorporate these tools at your hospital.

Stay on the leading edge of Healthcare Analytics

Discover new ways to enhance and optimize your data analytics function using the most advanced tools and industry knowledge available today.