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4 Unconventional Ways to Leverage Epic Reporting Tools

Epic reporting tools simplify a difficult process. Learn 4 unconventional ways to leverage epic reporting tools that can help you achieve that goal.

Epic Reporting doctor - SyntrixThe health care industry is a hectic one constantly faced with an overwhelming amount of patients that are in need of immediate answers. Epic reporting tools can help you achieve that goal in a prompt manner by use of the Epic Inpatient (IP) dashboard.


1. The IP Epic reporting tool is your personal assistant to help your day run smoothly. A statistical view of hospital events are stored in regions of Epic.

Important elements to note:

  • Hospital Status provides an account of inpatient beds.
  • Wards Servicing Stream is a table displaying occupancy and capacity of a ward.
  • General Bed Occupancy Count Graph is generated every hour.
  • Streams analyze overnight patients that require medical, surgical and critical care.
  • Daily Graphs represent the number of patients discharged in the last 48 hours.


2. An advantage of the Epic reporting tools dashboard is flexibility of the layout for maximized performance. The system can also be tailored to the liking of the user.

Take advantage of these options:

  • Color Coding allows for thorough detection of information against a colored backdrop of columns.
  • Trends are graphs that produce real-time patient information.
  • Titles and Formatting lend patients an easier understanding of pertinent information regarding their health.
  • Pie Charts grant easy monitoring and provides a clear focus on growth.
  • Scorecards layout details of each summary to yield a better understanding of the symptoms origin.


3. A wide range of assistance equips a health worker with an effective and efficient way to care for patients. A more personal interaction between patient and health care provider is gained.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Full access is given to search archives in the system.
  • Nurses can document conveniently by use of the collapsible flow sheets.
  • Screens help with quick summary and documentation reminders.
  • The outpatient department is fully supported.
  • Speech recognition expedites data entry.


4. Patients gain a better understanding of the hospital environment, as well as their plan of treatment, with the use of epic reporting tools. Such benefit puts the patient at ease.

Examples of this include:

  • MyChart accommodates patients with access to their records.
  • Appointments can be scheduled and test results attained.
  • Patients are cared for even when the hospital is operating in peak performance.
  • Patient is given an After Visit Summary which is a structured, well explained list of medications, home instructions and educational materials.

In conclusion, Epic reporting tools simplify a difficult process for all health care professionals. The Epic Inpatient dashboard saves you, and your team, hours in acquiring information that patients are anxiously awaiting. So, rather than consuming your time with research and planning, permit Epic Inpatient dashboard to be your epic reporting tool. You then will have more time to spend with patients, eat lunch, take a breath and feel more productive.

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