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What To Do When Epic Reporting Requests Become Overwhelming

Discover what to do when Epic reporting requests become overwhelming and learn how you can eliminate an Epic reporting backlog

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In healthcare facilities across the country, the following is a familiar scenario: shortly after go-live, Epic reporting requests become overwhelming -- and each day, the backlog seems to grow larger.

It is not uncommon for Epic clients to experience a backlog of report requests shortly after go-live. This is sometimes the result of users getting familiar with their workflows and refining the types of reports they truly need. It is not due to an inherent flaw in Epic’s reporting capabilities.

Epic reporting is not designed to be utilized as an “out-of-the-box” feature. Each healthcare facility is unique, and has different workflows, data sets and reporting requirements. There is simply no way for Epic -- or any other EHR -- to anticipate each possible use. As such, there can be a gap between go-live and optimized usage, when the overwhelming report requests and ever-growing backlogs emerge.

Now that you know the challenges you face are not unique to your organization or to Epic, the question becomes: what should you do about it? Below, we suggest some practical and proven tips.

  • Implement or streamline the process for triaging report requests, and eliminate unnecessary or redundant requests.
  • Create custom dashboards that aggregate key data, replacing the need for developing multiple reports.
  • Utilize a BI data warehouse to allow users to retrieve information independently.
  • Reuse previous code or report designs as a basis for creating new reports, versus building new or from “scratch.”
  • Enhance system design and architecture to ensure data hygiene and overall analytic system performance.  
  • Leverage consultant services with expertise and prior development experience.

Obtaining the Epic Reporting Expertise You Need

If you are experiencing an overwhelming number of Epic report requests – or you sense that things are heading in that direction – it may be helpful to hire additional support for your in-house team to implement the above tips. You do not have to struggle to solve the backlog alone.

Simply call the experts at Syntrix today. Our consultants understand the best strategies and solutions to manage and mitigate any backlog. We are Epic certified consultants, and have years of hands-on experience supporting clients at every stage of Epic deployment. We will work with your team to “fill the gap” between go-live and optimization. Our Fast Access program allows you to leverage Epic reporting experts without any recruiting delays. By pre-orienting our developers to your specific requirements, we arrive ready to tackle your most complex issues.

Contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation!

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