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EHR Adoption Fun Facts: Learning More about EHRs and Epic

Learn everything you need to know about EHRs and Epic reporting in this blog post. Help yourself make the decision needed in your healthcare facility.

EHR and EpicThe world of healthcare IT can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with the development of so many new technologies and products. Healthcare organizations strive to achieve important patient care goals while complying with an array of government regulations. For a lighter note, this blog includes some lesser known facts about EHRs along with interesting notes on Epic Systems, one of the leaders in EHR systems.

EHR Facts:

  • The first EHRs appeared in the 1960s.
  • The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was one of the first major systems to adopt an EHR.
  • Epic, MEDITECH and Cerner comprise nearly 60% of the market share of primary certified EHRs for participating hospitals.
  • As of March 2015, 179 health IT vendors supply certified EHR products to 4,567 hospitals participating in the CMS EHR Incentive Programs.
  • The top 10 EHR vendors provide the primary EHR systems for over 9 out of 10 hospitals.
  • States with the highest EHR adoption rates are Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa and North Dakota.
  • States with the lowest EHR adoption rates are New York, Louisiana, District of Columbia, New Jersey and Rhode Island.
  • Since 2008, the adoption of an EHR by office-based physicians has nearly doubled, from 42% to 83%.
  • Physician specialties with the highest adoption rates are dialysis, internal medicine/pediatrics, nephrology and pathology.
  • The top EHR vendors by physician practice market share are Epic (12.4%), eClinicalWorks, LLC (10.3%), Allscripts (8.2%), Practice Fusion (6.5%) and NextGen Healthcare (5.4%).
  • 50% of EHR implementations are replacements for other EHR systems.
  • Approximately 45% of providers report spending more than $100,000 on an EHR.

Epic Facts:

  • Judy Faulkner founded Epic in a basement in 1979.
  • The company started as Human Services Computer, Inc.
  • Faulkner was ranked No. 633 on Forbes' 2015 list of the world’s billionaires.
  • Epic is privately and employee-owned.
  • 190 million patients have a current electronic record in Epic.
  • The company is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin but also has offices in The Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore and Copenhagen.
  • Epic doesn't follow a budget.
  • Approximately 70% of U.S. hospitals that have achieved the HIMSS Stage 7 EMR Adoption Model Award use EpicCare.
  • Epic is Wisconsin’s largest generator of solar power.
  • The company released its first e-health product, EpicWeb, in 1997.
  • Epic is used by more than 250 healthcare organizations nationwide.

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