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How Epic Reporting Can Facilitate Better Data Governance

Discover how Epic reporting can facilitate better data governance and how you can simplify a transition to Epic.

How epic reporting can facilitate better data-governance

Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to manage, analyze and exploit an ever increasing volume of operational, clinical, and patient data. Turning raw information into actionable intelligence can seem more challenging than ever.

To address this challenge, healthcare facilities are leveraging reporting and data analytics solutions to achieve both their data governance objectives and meet their information needs.

Below, we highlight 4 key ways that Epic reporting solutions can facilitate excellence in data governance:

1. Improved data hygiene

Utilizing consistent, reliable information enables healthcare facilities to improve data hygiene, and ensure that all data is complete, accurate, and regarded as a reliable “single source of truth.” As a result, teams can leverage this data to achieve their daily objectives: providing high quality patient care and achieving key performance goals.

2. Efficient data utilization

Optimizing Epic reporting for better analytics allows healthcare organizations to sustain their data governance objectives, by streamlining how data is captured and integrated into data analytics solutions including reports, dashboards, and data warehouses.

3. User access insights

Analyzing Epic report groups, security classes, and distribution data can provide insights into user access needs -- identifying who has access to which reports, and how and when they are receiving them. This information helps data governance committees define, or continually monitor and adjust, their user access requirements.

4. Staff education

The process of Epic reporting development is dynamic and complex, and requires ongoing staff education. This entails training staff on use and interpretation of reports, as well as enhancing their understanding of data integrity. Continual and open feedback allows the reporting team to detect any knowledge gaps and proactively reeducate their users. This active involvement of staff also strengthens and reinforces the culture of data governance within the organization.

The Bottom Line

The healthcare industry data footprint is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Health systems can manage this data explosion by leveraging Epic reporting solutions to achieve their data governance goals and data analytics objectives, turning raw information into powerful insights and actionable intelligence.

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At Syntrix, we have years of experience working with healthcare organizations to fully develop Epic reporting solutions. We have created a suite of data analytics applications, designed to ensure data integrity in healthcare business intelligence solutions.

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