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3 Signs It’s Time to Optimize or Replace Your EHR Reporting

If you’re ready to replace or optimize your EHR system and build better reporting. Here are the 3 signs that it’s time to optimize or replace your EHR system.

3 Signs It’s Time to Optimize or Replace Your EHR ReportingIf the early enthusiasm that you once associated with your EHR reporting has turned to frustration, then rest assured you certainly aren’t alone. These are just some of the complaints we hear on a daily basis:

  • “My EHR System is not producing the reports I need”

  • “I can’t view my data in a way that makes sense to my staff”

  • “Why isn’t there a dashboard to take the data I’m collecting and display it so we can make our healthcare facility better?”

In fact, a survey by Black Book Market Research found that 81 percent of physicians were unhappy with their EHR reporting and plan on replacing it. An additional 11 percent said they weren’t overly-impressed by their EHR reporting, but weren’t sure if they would switch or stay the course.  

While these dismal satisfaction results may seem surprising to some, here at Syntrix Consulting Group they are hardly eye-opening. We consult with physicians on a regular basis, and see first hand that instead of being part of the solution, EHR reporting is often part of the problem.

And while each practice and physician we work with is unique and has distinct requirements, variables and goals, generally speaking here are the most common signs we come across that reveal it is definitely time to optimize – or in some cases, outright replace – dysfunctional EHR reporting:

1. Too Much Data, Not Enough Insight

This practice is overrun with EHR-supplied data, but physicians and their team members are not getting the insightful answers, research and reports they need to analyze performance, improve efficiencies, and ultimately boost business, clinical and patient care outcomes. Frankly, EHR reporting that is not delivering on this expectation is fundamentally flawed.

2. Lack of Flexibility and Scalability

When the EHR system and its reports are rigid and difficult to re-configure, and as such they cannot efficiently scale with the practice as it evolves and grows. This evolution can be the result of a number of changes, such as adding locations, onboarding specialists, integrating with other facilities, and so on. An EHR and the reports it delivers have to grow WITH a practice; not be outgrown BY a practice!   

3. Not Updated with New Features & Functions

When EHR systems that boasted the “latest and greatest” reports, analytics, features and functions a handful of years ago, are significantly out-of-date today because they are not effectively supported by the vendor. This is typically because vendor updates are either few and far between or are simply not cost-effective for practices to implement.   

The Syntrix Advantage

If you’re ready to replace or optimize your EHR system and build better reporting, contact Syntrix Consulting today. We specialize in taking EMR data and optimizing your reporting to Make Your Healthcare Data Talk ™. If you’re collecting important data, why not use it to help grow and better your healthcare facility?

If you're looking for more information on how to optimize your EHR reporting with an Epic implementation, download our FREE resource below:

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