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Healthcare Business Intelligence

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Healthcare Dashboards

Five Essential Steps for Designing a Healthcare Dashboard
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Sep 1, 2016

Dashboards enable healthcare organizations to assess their overall status by providing them with key analytics and..

Healthcare Dashboards

Top 10 Modules Every Healthcare Dashboard Should Include (Part Two)
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Jun 23, 2016

As we discussed in our last blog, healthcare organizations face a multitude of choices when selecting modules for their..

Healthcare Dashboards

Top 10 Modules Every Healthcare Dashboard Should Include (Part One)
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Jun 22, 2016

Having choices is usually a good thing, but sometimes having too many choices can be overwhelming. For instance, it’s..

Healthcare Dashboards

Why Interactive Reporting Dashboards Are Increasing in Popularity
By: Ron Stephenson on Jun 21, 2016

Interactive self-service dashboards enable users to see what matters most and take action without dependence on IT to..

Healthcare Dashboards

Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Build Mobile Dashboards
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on May 11, 2016

As I mentioned in a recent post, dashboards can be used in healthcare in a variety of ways:

  • Track revenue cycle..

Healthcare Dashboards, Healthcare Analytics, EMR Reporting

3 Signs It’s Time to Optimize or Replace Your EHR Reporting
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Nov 30, 2015

If the early enthusiasm that you once associated with your EHR reporting has turned to frustration, then rest assured..

Healthcare KPIs, Healthcare Business Intelligence, Healthcare Dashboards, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Performance Metrics

5 Tips for Making Healthcare KPIs more Actionable
By: Jean-Luc Coquerel on Oct 25, 2013

Whether healthcare KPIs for your organization include average length of stay, patient satisfaction numbers, number of..

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