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Top 12 Frustrations After an Epic Reporting Implementation

Discover the top 13 frustrations after an Epic reporting implementation and what you can do to fix these frustrations.

Frustrations After an Epic Reporting Implementation

Shortly after Epic go-live, it is very common for healthcare facilities to experience significant challenges in managing their data analytics and reporting needs.

These challenges are due to the fact that Epic – like any other sophisticated and powerful EHR system – is not designed to be a turn-key or plug-and-play system. It requires customization and development efforts to maximize its capabilities.

12 Most Common Reporting Challenges

Our customer's experience after implementation are:

  1. An overwhelming number of existing reports that have to be recreated.
  2. A lack of consensus on which reports are the highest priority.
  3. A backlog of requests due to users wanting to take advantage of newly available data and larger datasets.
  4. Having inadequate policies, procedures, administrative oversight and/or management governing the report request process.
  5. A steep learning curve for report writers new to Epic.
  6. The resource intensiveness of developing individual reports.
  7. A workflow bottleneck caused by limited report writing resources.
  8. An inefficient report creation process -- not utilizing reuse of code and documentation to its full advantage.
  9. Lack of a business intelligence (BI) system to allow users to ask “what if” questions independently.
  10. Excessive rework due to not fully understanding the business needs and/or workflows prior to developing custom reports.
  11. Additional development work due to changes in scope made by the requesting user.
  12. Unnecessary rework because data is not understood, or the availability of datasets is not understood.

The challenges noted above are not due to Epic failing to “live up to the expectations” of our clients. We have first-hand experience in leveraging Epic to  deliver transformative, “game-changing” improvements on many levels, including patient care, financial decision support, quality reporting, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and more. However, this requires that Epic be customized to fit the specific data analytics and reporting needs of the organization.

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