Ron Stephenson

Stories by Ron

Dealing with Dirty Data

Learn what dirty data is and how and why you should keep it clean! This could be very important for your healthcare facility so don't miss this.

Hadoop for the Healthcare Industry

Learn what Hadoop is and how it can benefit the healthcare industry. Don't miss out on something that could really help your facility.

Understanding Unstructured Data (Part Two)

Truly getting to know what unstructured data is and how it can be used and organized in your healthcare facility can play a huge roll in your...

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Read about cybersecurity in healthcare and tips on how you can manage the cybersecurity threats at your healthcare facility.

EMR/EHR Reporting

Top Three Benefits of Cloud-based EHRs

Learn all about cloud-based EHRs and how they can help your healthcare facility improve in many ways. Make sure you have the right tools to succeed.

EMR/EHR Reporting

Top 5 EMR Adoption Challenges

Adoption of EMR systems can prove to have challenges. Learn about what they are and how you can avoid them so you can have a successful...

Benefits of Population Health Management

Population health management can benefit your healthcare facility by improving the health outcomes of a specific population and reducing overall...

Stay on the leading edge of Healthcare Analytics

Discover new ways to enhance and optimize your data analytics function using the most advanced tools and industry knowledge available today.