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The term, data governance, is becoming more prominent in the healthcare business intelligence. However, it can be challenging to precisely define data governance, its inclusions, and its crucial role in your healthcare organization

At Syntrix Consulting, we provide the data governance support that your healthcare organization needs to reach its utmost potential.

What Is Data Governance? Why Is It Important?

Data governance uses the set of procedures and policies your organization to collect data to increase security, optimize business performance, and plan strategically. Further, data governance extends beyond collecting and organizing quality data but places importance on how to utilize such data. 

What Is the Role of Consistency in a Data Governance Model?

One of the most important aspects of an optimal data governance framework is consistency. When all of the different organization sectors follow a uniform procedure, better communication flows across the whole system. 

This consistency also applies to other aspects, such as the method of inputting data. For example, consistency in how your healthcare organization inputs patients' names throughout the system prevents errors and save a significant amount of time.  


Consistency in data is not solely crucial for generating business decisions. Many regulatory bodies create laws to improve customer privacy and security. Complying with these laws often requires the greater use of standard data formatting and terminology. Furthermore, compliance with these new regulations places greater importance on consistency within your model.

Is Data Quality a Part of Data Governance?

Data quality is simply one aspect of data governance, however, high-quality data is necessary for the rest of the framework to work effectively. The quality of data determines your data analysis process; therefore, higher quality allows for the most informed and goal-oriented decisions for your organization. 

Who Is Involved in Data Governance?

Effective data governance requires buy-in from your whole organization. Within this, the infinite roles of individuals and groups at different levels will drastically vary. The names of such teams and roles slightly vary based on the organization, though, they generally serve similar purposes. We outline a few of those roles here.

Data Governance Council

The data governance council, or committee, creates and confirms policies and procedures surrounding data within the organization. Typically, they also address data policy issues that cannot be rectified at lower levels.

Data Stewards

Data stewards ensure that policies and procedures are executed daily at your organization. They often serve as consultants for other employees on data processing, managing the data value or both.

Data Governance Team 

The data governance team is at the top of all data governance for an organization. It works effectively as it includes employees who play a variety of roles in the company. It may consist of individuals, such as the manager of master data governance, data analysts, data strategist, and compliance specialist, among others. 

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