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4 Easy Steps for Epic Reporting with Qliktech

Learn how to perform epic reporting with QlikTech in 4 easy steps by taking advantage of the presentation features of the software.

Epic Reporting with QliktechQlikTech is a comprehensive software used for monitoring different elements of production inside of your organization. This can range from the sales and growth of the business to how productive different elements inside of the organization are and where potential improvements can come into play. Essentially, QlikTech is a more in-depth and visually pleasing version of Excel and other Office based programs. It is possible to perform epic reporting with QlikTech by taking advantage of the presentation features of the software.

1. Start by Integrating Themes for Epic Reporting with Qliktech 

It is possible to build a report from the ground up, but there really is no need to do this. Editing all of the different text sizes and variables associated with QlikTech can add on to the amount of time it takes to create the report. Instead, you need to take advantage of the user interface themes provided to you.

When you use the provided themes you have the ability to:

  • Select designated theme for the given report
  • Choose a specific data model
  • Select pre-made template sheets

If your company collects data in a specific manor, or if the accounting department uses a cash method over accrual, you can select the appropriate information so everything is properly displayed with the report. When launching the software, navigate up to the title tab, then choose "Open" and from there, scroll through the available themes. You also have the ability to download additional themes to Qliktech through third party providers. After downloading the theme, open the program file on your Windows or Mac computer, then select the "Themes" window and click-and-drag the new theme into the window. This way, it's there when you launch the program.

2. Open the Script Library Tool in Your Project Window

The script library is an important feature that can help when it comes to epic reporting with QlikTech. This software allows to to input information into the script library that helps map out the report information. Some of the script information you can focus on includes:

  • Calendar table
  • QVD
  • New themes and styles 

The Calendar feature might prove to be the most important, as some of your information might depend on the length of time it is over (this is especially the case when reporting on financials). Plus, you can always upload new themes and project styles you find online, if you want to change certain variables with the report. In the "Tools" bar, check off the "Calendar" feature in order to activate it, then enter in a time range to take advantage of the services. 

3. Open "Log Files" Tool to Monitor Changes in Report

Often times, new users to the software can run into unexpected problems and, due to the coding and in-depth nature of the software, it can often become difficult to identify the issue and where the data discrepancy takes place. If you ever run into this problem, open up the QlikView Log Files (which is found under the "Tools" tab). The log files can show you every piece of information you input, which makes it easier to identify the problem.

While monitoring your report, you can see:

  • Document Usage
  • Windows Server Performance

4. Monitor All Changes to Ensure Accuracy in Report

In order to prepare the report, you need to maintain direct control over the report. Every piece of information input into the system needs to be from you. The software just uses it to produce the final results. To do this, you need to always take advantage of:

  • Script library
  • QVW, themes and images

This ensures you always provide the base information. 

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