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5 Things To Look For In An Epic Clarity Consultant

Learn the five things you should look for in an epic clarity consultant to ensure a solid return on your investment. Hint: It's not their Epic certification.

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Epic Clarity consultants are growing in importance as the healthcare industry utilizes an increasing amount of data and relies more and more on performance measurement. New changes in public reporting and billing guidelines have increased the need for knowledgeable consultants who can implement these concepts in healthcare reports.



So what do you need to look for in an epic clarity consultant? Hint: It is not their Epic certification. 

The best skills to ensure a solid return on your investment include:

  1. Strong SQL programming skills

  2. Solid understanding of the healthcare system

  3. A track record for documentation

  4. Ability to coach others

  5. Humility in dealing with others

Strong SQL Programming Skills

It's common to fall into the trap of thinking that it is all about the Epic certification. Yet, this is just part of the equation. What matters the most as far as technical skills go is a solid SQL programming background. This level of programming knowledge ensures that reports are accurate, return results quickly, and perform efficiently without imposing undue burden on backend servers. 

You will certainly benefit from testing the knowledge of any Epic Clarity report writer you intend to work with. Don't be afraid to quiz them on some of the concepts that are most important in SQL databases. It also might not hurt to ask to see their skills in action by conducting a live exercise in a test environment. With remote meeting capabilities you can achieve this even if the interview is not in a face-to-face setting.  

Solid Understanding of the Healthcare System

Healthcare is complex in and of itself. Understanding the sort of workflows that come into play in healthcare is important. Just some of the reports that consultants have to cope with include:

  • Clinical documentation, which helps guide the overall course of care for each patient.

  • Hospital billing, which involves a high degree of accuracy because of the different codes that are used.

  • Registration, which makes the entire treatment experience easier from the start.

Creating an effective report is not merely dropping fields on a blank canvas.  Healthcare reports fulfill a purpose and the context of their use often dictates nuances in how they are written.  A good Epic Clarity consultant understands the business need behind a report request and its related workflows in order to properly frame the scope of data to use and make sound programming decisions.

Documentation, Documentation and More Documentation

Epic Clarity consultants have very demanding schedules that often require a lot of travel and job transitions. Good documentation skills are necessary to avoid any disruption after the consultant's term of employment ends. Tips to keep in mind:

  • Examine their track record in documenting prior work. 

  • Ensure that the documentation provided could logically be supported if they were no longer employed.

  • Expect that previous employers might not have insisted on documentation, but good consultants still generate supporting documentation for their work. 

Well-qualified consultants will understand the need to demonstrate their documentation skills.

Ability To Coach Others

It truly makes a difference when consultants have taken the lead in training or coaching others. You will have a better assessment of their future impact by judging how well they have trained others in the past. 

Remember that Epic Clarity report writers are the ones with the most responsibility for training employees in how to perform data analysis. You not only want your consultants to be good at sharing this knowledge, but also know how to do so willingly.

Beyond coaching other team members, good Clarity report writers can also help optimize reporting processes such as setting up an effective requests management system.

Humility Makes a Major Difference 

The best consultants keep the work that they do in perspective. A few things to bear in mind:

  • Good consultants realize it isn't all about them, their job is to help everyone achieve excellence.

  • They work well with all kinds of people.

  • Professionals don't rub their skills in others' faces, but work to share them.

Epic Clarity consultants will need to have the right level of dedication to the tasks that are required. If you choose consultants based on these criteria, you will have a more fulfilling relationship with your consultant.


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