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Justus C. Sauerland

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The Difference Between Referencing and Duplicating a Query in Power BI
By: Justus C. Sauerland on Nov 10, 2022

Getting to the Power Query Editor:

How to Create a Custom Icon for a Power BI Button
By: Justus C. Sauerland on Oct 27, 2022

Buttons in Power BI are an important tool for reports and dashboards.

How To Create And Upload Images Or Icons For Your Power BI Workspaces
By: Justus C. Sauerland on Oct 13, 2022

One of the features that Power BI Services offers to help users manage their workspaces, is the ability to upload an..

Top 3 Free Medical Icons Library for Your Power BI Analytic Team
By: Justus C. Sauerland on Sep 29, 2022

Icons in Power BI can add that extra professional touch to your report or dashboard and put them in a class of their..

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