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10 Questions to Ask Before Implementing a Healthcare Data Governance Program

Discover the 10 questions to ask before implementing a healthcare data governance methodology

10 questions to ask before implementing a healthcare data governance programA mission-critical priority for all healthcare organizations is to implement a comprehensive healthcare data governance program. It supports and drives:

  • Improved quality of care, patient safety, and patient satisfaction.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and cost management.
  • Regulatory compliance and the achievement of MU standards.
  • A culture of data quality that positively impacts all operational areas.

However, before healthcare facilities can reap these rewards, they must define a suitable data governance methodology. While each organization is unique, generally speaking, here are 10 fundamental questions to answer to help guide your organization in this process:

  1. Who at the executive level will champion the data governance program, and have responsibility for oversight both during and after implementation?  

  2. What resources are needed to adequately manage and maintain the data governance initiatives?

  3. How will the data governance program address integration strategies, including integrating the EHR system and existing clinical systems and databases? 

  4. How will best practices for data analytics be addressed by the governance program and which technology solutions will be employed - BI, data warehouse, etc.?

  5. How will data standards be established, managed and communicated?

  6. What level of training will be required to bring teams up to a high level of data literacy, so they can ensure data quality?

  7. How will data security be managed to allow various teams to easily and rapidly retrieved information required.

  8. How will data be protected and secured from threats -- including data corruption, breach, or HIPPA security violations.

  9. How will each of the steps in the data lifecycle be managed -- from collection to destruction -- to meet regulatory requirements

  10. How will governance policies be maintained to stay in sync with organizational goals and system changes?

Ultimately, answering these questions will help provide both a foundation and a framework for implementing a healthcare data governance program – one that puts healthcare facilities on-track to achieving more value and insight from their  ever-increasing volumes of data.

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