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Improve Business Intelligence with Healthcare Data Governance

Discover how to improve business intelligence with healthcare data governance.

Improve Business Intelligence with Healthcare Data GovernanceHealthcare organizations today are not just overloaded with enormous quantities of data, they are often overwhelmed by it. EHR systems perpetually produce volumes of information and new datasets are constantly emerging.

While healthcare facilities have an abundance of information, what they sometimes lack is business insight. Data can be stored in silos, rendering it less accessible or difficult to aggregate into a comprehensive solution. This can hinder teams from making well-informed and timely decisions.

While this scenario can be challenging, the solution is more straightforward. By implementing a well planned data governance program, an organization can more effectively leverage their data assets to glean actionable intelligence. This has a positive impact on patient care, as well as clinical, operational and financial goals.

Below, we highlight the 7 key ways that organizations can improve their business intelligence efforts by providing healthcare data governance:

  1. Establishes a culture of data quality management that directly impacts and improves all areas of operations.
  2. Provides an organization-wide plan for implementing standardized reporting tools to leverage data assets and reporting resources most effectively.
  3. Identifies the best data model and data warehouse designs to support both current and future needs.
  4. Creates a customized BI framework that includes policies, procedures, and standards to support data maintenance, reporting, and data analytics.
  5. Implements the most efficient and effective strategies for integrating the EHR system with any legacy information systems.
  6. Proactively identifies resource requirements to ensure the quality of data, reporting, and analytics, as well as to help prevent any reporting backlogs.
  7. Educates teams on data literacy fundamentals so they understand their involvement has a direct effect on the program’s success.

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We understand that it takes more than technical expertise to implement and sustain robust healthcare data governance – it also takes a deep understanding of the “big picture” and the real-world business challenges that healthcare organizations face.

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