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How Executive Sponsorship Helps Optimize Your Healthcare Data Management Strategy

Discover why executive sponsorship helps optimize healthcare data management.

Healthcare Data ManagementThere are several fundamental elements required for an organization to optimize their healthcare data management strategy. These include overseeing and appropriately managing the people, processes and systems that create, use, or transform data.

A vital component of any data management strategy is executive sponsorship -- this is typically a senior level executive who will champion the project, provide oversight and take responsibility for ensuring its success.

Below, we highlight 7 ways that executive sponsorship impacts and optimizes a data management strategy:

  1. Provides the guiding vision for healthcare data management and effectively communicates this vision, so data users understand the purpose and function of the program -- why it exists, how it works, and why it is essential for success and growth. 

  2. Ensures that the data management strategy is aligned with organizational  goals and stays in alignment as goals shift or evolve over time, based on changing priorities or internal or external factors.

  3. Supports the data management mission by providing the resources necessary for its success. The importance of this commitment cannot be underestimated, as a lack of resources will hinder its effectiveness.

  4. Establishes an appropriate balance between governance, security, and flexibility. This is a complex challenge, as various teams will need to work collaboratively to balance the need for strong security with the ability for users to have efficient access.

  5. Assures that the data management strategy supports producing meaningful,  business analytics, information that can be efficiently translated into actionable intelligence.

  6. Ensures that organizational data is treated as a valuable asset, and optimized to achieve a return on investment and meet all regulatory requirements.

  7. Fosters a culture of data quality, permeating all levels of the organization, and influencing users to play a significant role in good data hygiene. 

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At Syntrix, we have in-depth experience working closely with healthcare executives, and advising them on best practices for their data management strategy. Our process will help you engage all key parties and promote the importance of data quality throughout your organization.

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