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Questions to Ask Your Epic Certified Consultant Before an Implementation

Before implementing your EHR system, here are some key questions to ask your Epic Certified Consultant.

epic certified consultantImplementing a new EHR system can be a huge undertaking, but it can be less stressful with detailed pre-planning, strategizing, and collaborating on best practices.

For those implementing the Epic system, concerns can often be addressed by speaking with an Epic certified consultant who has completed in-depth, product specific training. These consultants are equipped to guide all aspects of an Epic implementation, and know the appropriate milestones for each of the phases of the process.

When implementing the Epic system, there are a myriad of questions healthcare organizations can ask their consultant for a better understanding of the overall process, the expected challenges, and how a consultant adds value.

Some of the key questions include:

  • What are the main phases of an Epic implementation?
  • What is an approximate go-live schedule based on similar organizations?
  • How do we identify the necessary resources including: skilled labor, software, hardware, and infrastructure?
  • How do we ensure workflows are replicated in the new system?
  • Which reporting and data analytics solutions do you recommend?
  • What security is in place to safeguard protected data?
  • How does an implementation most commonly impact the employees?
  • What types of testing is recommended and how often?
  • What training is required for the implementation team, reporting team and end users?
  • What type of support is provided before, during, and after implementation?

Communication is Key

After addressing the key questions and developing an implementation plan, it’s helpful to communicate with an Epic certified consultant during each phase of the project.

By understanding your concerns, the consultant can address outstanding issues, offer appropriate alternatives, and ensure your organization is taking the best course of action. They can provide insights from previous implementation experiences, and apply those learned solutions to the current implementation.

An additional resource provided by the National Learning Consortium is the Implementation Go-Live Planning Checklist. It is a high-level overview of the milestones and key events surrounding the go-live date and could be a reference to help ensure completion of your implementation project plan.

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Epic-certified Syntrix consultants support clients at every stage of Epic deployment, from pre-go-live to several years after go-live. Let us guide you through the process – one step at a time. Contact the Syntrix team today to schedule your complimentary consultation. To learn more about the Epic implementation process, download our FREE eBook 7 Steps to a Successful Epic Reporting Implementation now:

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