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Healthcare Business Intelligence

Healthcare Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data: By the Numbers

Dealing with Dirty Data

Five Essential Steps for Designing a Healthcare Dashboard

Hadoop for the Healthcare Industry

Five Examples of Innovative Healthcare Technology at Work

Healthcare Data Visualization: Data Through Design

RTLS Technology: Real-time Benefits for Healthcare

The Internet of Things in Healthcare

Three Reasons Healthcare is So Expensive in the United States

Benefits of Analytics Use in ED Patient Throughput

Understanding Unstructured Data (Part Two)

Understanding Unstructured Data (Part One)

Cybercrime in Healthcare: Statistics

mHealth: How Mobile Health Enhances Healthcare

Utilizing Technology to Achieve Improved Quality of Care

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Healthcare and Cloud Computing: Access the Advantages

Healthcare and Cloud Computing: Six Steps for Success

How Healthcare Analytics Can Boost Operating Room Efficiency

EHR Adoption Fun Facts: Learning More about EHRs and Epic

The U.S. Healthcare Industry: By the Numbers

Top Three Benefits of Cloud-based EHRs

Spotlight on Standardized Performance Measurement

Top 10 Modules Every Healthcare Dashboard Should Include (Part Two)

Top 10 Modules Every Healthcare Dashboard Should Include (Part One)

Why Interactive Reporting Dashboards Are Increasing in Popularity

Using Healthcare Analytics to Improve Patient-Centered Care

Five KPIs Your Healthcare Organization Should Be Tracking

Healthcare Analytics: Can They Control Costs?

Health IT Events: Preparation, Procedures and Proactive Response

How to Avoid Burnout for Your EHR Training Team

How Using an EHR Can Help Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Top 5 EMR Adoption Challenges

Data Warehouses: What They Are and How They Help Report Management

10 of the Biggest EHR Implementations in the U.S.

Why Big Data Matters in Healthcare Analytics

17 Steps for a Successful Healthcare Analytics and BI Program

Benefits of Population Health Management

Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Build Mobile Dashboards

Big Trends in Healthcare Analytics

How Business Intelligence Supports Better Healthcare Decisions

Five Big Benefits of Data Governance in Healthcare

Why Your EMR Reporting Needs to Be Scalable

6 Benefits of Optimizing Your Epic EHR System

Why Hospitals Choose Epic Over Other EHR Systems

What Comes After an EHR Implementation?

Questions to Ask Your Epic Certified Consultant Before an Implementation

How to Manage Epic Reports Requests

How Reporting Team Structure Affects Your Healthcare Organization

What Value Does an Epic Certified Consultant Bring?

How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Healthcare Analytics Tool

How to Optimize Healthcare Data Management

6 Steps to Successful Healthcare Data Management

How Executive Sponsorship Helps Optimize Your Healthcare Data Management Strategy

Improve Business Intelligence with Healthcare Data Governance

10 Questions to Ask Before Implementing a Healthcare Data Governance Program

How to Know if Your Healthcare Data Governance is Working

How Epic Reporting Can Facilitate Better Data Governance

How Do I Maintain Good Healthcare Data Governance?

How Healthcare Analytics Improves Quality of Patient Care

5 Roadblocks to Successful Healthcare Data Governance

How to Involve Users in Improving Healthcare Analytics

Why Epic Report Testing is Important Before Go-Live

How Can I Optimize Epic Reporting For Better Analytics?

What Is Healthcare Data Governance?

Next Steps After An Epic Reporting Implementation

How To Stop An Epic Reporting Backlog Before It Happens

4 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Epic Reporting Analytics

How To Handle Reporting Demands After An Epic Launch

Customizing Epic Reporting Using Dashboards

How An Epic Consultant Can Help Reduce Your Reporting Backlog

Top 12 Frustrations After an Epic Reporting Implementation

What To Do When Epic Reporting Requests Become Overwhelming

7 Signs Your Healthcare Facility Needs an Epic Consultant

Top 10 Complaints About Epic Reporting and How to Fix Them

Team Structure Models for Achieving Epic Analytics & Reporting Goals

6 Tips for Revenue Cycle Management During an Epic Implementation

Should You Choose Local or Hosted EMR Reporting?

Elements of a Robust Healthcare Business Intelligence Roadmap

An Overview of 4 Powerful Epic EMR Report Types

5 Best Practices to Optimize EMR System Training During Implementation

10 Ways Physicians Can Benefit from Optimized EMR Reporting

5 Best Practices for Optimizing EMR Data Integrity

3 Signs It’s Time to Optimize or Replace Your EHR Reporting

5 Ways EMR Analytics SHOULD Enhance Hospital Productivity & Performance

5 Best Practices EMR Reporting Analysts Use to Protect Patient Information

4 Critical Questions to Ask a Prospective Epic Reporting Analyst

5 Groups Who Benefit from a Customized EMR Reporting System

Epic Report Requests Management: The Secret to a Good Night Sleep

5 Tips for Making Healthcare KPIs more Actionable

5 New Year's Resolutions for Report Developers

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